Streets of London Pub

This place is always packed, too much so. The guy at the sidewalk checks ID’s and lets anyone in, regardless of the capacity. Sometimes there is never anywhere to sit, as seating is limited and seats are usually passed on to friends rather than vacated. Stick to beer, as the mixed drinks are not all that great. What ever you do, don’t order an irish coffee.
The things is – I agree with her again – it’s a smashing place when you want a good taste of the old (English) country. Friendly enough bartenders, ample patio space, dart board, plenty of fried food, full (?) bar and lots of beer of course. Fries are too limp for me (but that may be how Brits like ’em), so I just stick to the beer cuz it’s cold and bubbly as it should be here in America. Great way to travel while sitting in one place with pint in hand!
I love this place. It’s one of the first pubs in town to carry my favorite ale, Chimay. For that reason alone I will forever be endeared. What a great thing that the fare is good drinking food to boot. The fish and chips have long been my favorite here, and some of the best in town. If you’re coming for trivia night, make sure to show up early and stake your table, otherwise it’s standing room only.